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Limited Lifetime Warranty

In addition to any existing manufacturers warranty, products sold by JPB Furley & Co Ltd will also qualify for a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

This warranty is effective from the date of purchase for the lifetime of the original purchaser and is not transferrable.

This warranty covers manufacturing defects due to material and workmanship.

In order to qualify for this warranty, the original retail purchaser must complete an online Product Registration form within thirty (30) days of purchase. Proof of purchase must be retained and provided at such a time when a warranty claim is made.

Any issues which are determined to be due to manufacturing defect will be either repaired or replaced, at the discretion of JPB Furley & Co Ltd, without charge.

JPB Furley & Co Ltd will not be responsible for:

  • Ordinary wear and tear, corrosion, neglect, abuse, or unreasonable use.
  • Normal maintenance and service.
  • Defects or malfunctions resulting from careless handling, unauthorised adjustments or modifications made or attempted, or failure to follow the instructions in Safety & Instruction manuals provided.
  • Use of defective or improper ammunition and/or propellant.
  • Use of replacement parts, including but not limited to barrels and springs, other than factory or authorised parts.
  • Criminal misuse, negligence, or use under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Parallel imported products or products not purchased from an authorised retailer.

This warranty is additional to the conditions and guarantees of the Consumer Guarantees Act (1993) and any existing manufacturer's warranty.


Parallel Imported Product

Please be aware of parallel imported product which may be sold online or through some retail outlets around the country. This product will most likely not be specified as parallel imported. If you are unsure, feel free to contact us using the Email Us link before you purchase.

We are unable to offer warranty services on any parallel imported product.


Warranty Service & Claims

For warranty service and claims please return the product to the original place of purchase, along with your receipt or proof of purchase. The retailer will then assess the product and contact JPB Furley & Co Ltd to initiate the warranty process if required.

If you are unable to take it back to the original place of purchase, please take it back to one of our other stockists listed on the How to Purchase page. If you are still having trouble, please contact us using the Email Us link.